This page will have a variety of resources about some of the topics I talk about on this blog.  It also has links to the various rewards programs as well as my Amazon referral link…clicking through the Amazon link gives me a small commission on anything you buy (even if it’s not the item I’ve referenced) which helps keep food in my cats’ bellies and scholarly books on my shelf!

Disability-specific organizations, based on impairment (some related to my own impairments, some not related)

Other disability related organizations

Scholarly organizations I’m involved with (past or present)

Adaptive equipment

Applying for jobs with your PhD

Smartphone grocery rewards programs:

General rewards programs (some for money, some for gift cards)

Random fun stuff:

  • Loot Crate (geek subscription box- using my link gives you 10% off. They also have LevelUp which are separate boxes with various wearable geek thing like socks, shirts, and accessories).
  • Ipsy (makeup subscription box. Because of its low price & good value, I’ve been able to play with various products, colors, and whatnot without

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