About me

Photo of Casey looking out a window to the right with soft natural light. Her hair is red with bleached bangs that is shoulder length and curly. She is wearing a green patterned dress with a green & gold necklace.
©Kolaya Photography

Casey is a PhD student in sociohistorical studies of kinesiology that studies physical activity and embodiment, focusing on disability, body size, and gender.  She regularly speaks on issues relating to disability and ableism, especially in relation to education and physical activity.

Aside from this blog, She has blogged for Conditionally Accepted, Fit is a Feminist IssueFierce Freethinking Fatties, and Belly Dance At Any Size.  She is currently working on a project about universal design for fitness, a Pinterest board about kinesiology pedagogy, and a paper comparing media images of disabled and fat athletes used as inspiration porn.

When she’s not being a scholar, she enjoys working out, dancing, tabletop gaming, crocheting, and spoiling the two tabby cats that are her writing companions.  She also does freelance editing and is a user of a bunch of rewards programs (click here for the links) to help pay the bills while she’s in school.  She can be found sporadically on Twitter at @prof_casey or through this blog’s Facebook portal.

Photo description: A headshot of a pale white woman with rosy cheeks, red curled hair with bleached bangs, rimless glasses, wearing a green, black, & white patterned dress with a gold necklace with green gem rectangles.


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