Handicap Awareness at Gen Con

As a Gen Con attendee since 2012 (and other cons since 2008), these are things that are great to keep in mind n all sorts of large gatherings of people

Gen Con is nigh! With less than two weeks to go before the best four days in gaming (as of the time I’m posting this), I’m not going to rehash what so many others have put out there; there are tons of blogs and articles out there with advice regarding large conventions like Gen Con. My advice is going to be different. I am going to rehash what I’ve posted in previous years (they’re my most popular posts!). To most of it, Wheaton’s Law applies. For those of you who are link-averse, Wheaton’s Law is this: Don’t be a dick.
However, the things about which I’m going to speak, are the sorts of things people are not aware they’re being dickish about. They’re not being malicious; they just don’t have any personal experience with these sorts of issues, so when they start breaking Wheaton’s Law, they don’t know they’re doing it…

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Where I’ve been…

I’ve been on an unanticipated hiatus from this blog because of a combination of health stuff (some of which started with leaving my pain clinic), part of my PhD program getting tossed topsy-turvy, and quitting my graduate assistantship. I’m trying to adjust to new health challenges that are likely due to aging with a rare birth defect (which may itself been caused by a genetic disorder, but that’s not solid yet), as well as trying to adjust to a life that has less schedule…that second part is a good thing because I’m actually able to cope with painsomnia a little better (because I’m not stressing about work and class the next day) and better able to deal with my narcolepsy (because if my body forces me asleep, I can address it and move along with my day). I’m also learning how to be productive without the almost daily structure of a work and class schedule.

Despite all that, I’m done with my coursework for my PhD and if I can get some cats herded, I will be back on track with my studies as long as my health doesn’t get worse. I’ve also managed to do a few writing projects, which has been exciting and I can’t wait for them to get published. Hopefully I’ll get more used to this freedom and I’ll be back to blogging more often…I might start by going through my draft posts to start the ball rolling. Also, the Rio Paralympics are coming up and I will at least be posting links to various bits of disability sport stuff!

Take care and thanks for sticking with me!