What chronic pain does to your brain

What chronic pain does to your brain – All In The Mind – ABC Radio National (Australian Broadcasting Corporation) ‘At the moment we have focused our work to two areas in the brain,’ says Dr Sylvia Gustin from Neuroscience Research Australia. ‘One is called the thalamus—the other is the prefrontal cortex.’ Described as the ‘border […]



Things I Wish Healthy People Understood About Chronic Illness

I’ve been working on a similar post myself about the costs of living with a chronic illness, so I figured that I would reblog this one in the meantime 🙂

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There are a lot of lists of this nature on the internet, but I want to do my own.

The Cost

This is one of the main things that inspired me to want to make this post. Being chronically ill is expensive. Between the doctor appointments, regular medical tests, and prescription medications, plus the non-prescriptions medications. I’m not even talking here about the hidden costs like missing work because of being ill.

It’s not just how much it costs, but also the consistency of it. This comes up a lot for me in discussions with people about certain medical costs, and I realize that we look at things in a very fundamentally different way based on our health backgrounds. I find this with family a lot, who know about my chronic illnesses and medical expenses, and yet they still often seem to have trouble understanding that I know these costs will…

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