Blind & visually impaired gamers!

I found this Kickstarter that’s making Braille polyhedrals (dice with various numbers of sides). The creator is trying to get data from blind & visually impaired gamers so he can create products that are even more accessible (for example, one of the pledge levels includes a tactile battle map for minis).

Here’s the information from the update:

If you are blind(or VI) I would love it if you filled this out and e-mailed it back to me at These are just possible jumping off points though, I don’t need it to strictly follow the interview.

  • How long have you role played?
  • What are your favorite systems? Do you have some preferred classes or archetypes?
  • What frustrates you the most about being a blind role player?
  • What has worked well for you?
  • Are certain digital files better than others?
  • What companies have made an extra effort for accessibility? Which companies have been horror stories so far and we need to help be more inclusive?
  • If you had one thing that you wish that people understood about being a blind role player what is it?