Unintended blog hiatus- Sorry!

I apologize for the unintended blog hiatus. It’s been a rough semester (I’m pretty sure I say that every semester though). I’ve been trying to get to the next stage of my doctoral education (comprehensive exams, aka “comps”) while taking courses that I don’t technically need for my plan of study but need to maintain my student employment.

The other reason that has kept me from posting is me trying to think of a URL for this blog that encompasses everything that I talk about (and whether or not this would include the product reviews that I have lined up). I still haven’t come up with the best URL yet (I’ve pondered something like http://www.gimpkinesiologist.com and other things along these lines to reflect my scholarly work…I’m up for suggestions).

With these “thinky thoughts” (to hijack a phrase that I picked up from the author Tamora PIerce), I wanted to show off something I got for my birthday. I decided to make a public Amazon wishlist for my friends to be able to see what kind of things I wanted, needed, or would be really helpful. I tried to make a good mix for people to pick from, including a book about writing a journal article in 12 weeks that a non-academic friend got me, Dragon Age and Shadowrun novels (two of my favorite geeky worlds), and a gaming keyboard to help my wonky wrists. I also put a ginormous body pillow on there called a Comfort-U Total Body Pillow….which a friend of mine got for me because she knows my constant struggle with what I call “painsomnia.”

This. Thing. Is. Amazing. Seriously. Because it’s essentially the size of two body pillows attached together on one end making a large U shape, it supports both the front and the back of the body. I tend to cross both ends underneath my knees to support my pelvic alignment, plus the fact that it’s cradling both sides of me means my spine stays pretty well aligned (which is really impressive with my fall allergies & sneezes….sneezing hurts something fierce near my cyborg bits, even though I’m close to 3 years post-op).

A pale person wearing a grey fleece camoflage hat and a dark sweatshirt with her head on a white pillow that curves from the front to the back of her
A tired & cold selfie while lying in bed with the Comfort U pillow

I seriously recommend this pillow for people with pain or who have alignment issues while sleeping. It’s also been great for giving my snuggly cat a place to lie with me in bed without him lying somewhere painful. I would imagine that this pillow could also be amazing for pregnant people or for people that are breastfeeding. It’s not a cheap pillow, but it’s definitely helped me out.

Links to specific Amazon products are through my affiliate link. Not a paid review.