The “Healthiest Possible Body” Myth

I’d like to add that a lot of these conversations about having the “healthiest bodies possible” completely erase people that are disabled or have chronic illnesses (which adds more layers to the classism inherent in these ideas…if I didn’t have to work & could actually devote the amount of time that I’m medically supposed to devote to the care of my various impairments, I would definitely be healthier!)

Dances With Fat

Bad DoctorOne of the ways that those who wish to promote fatphobia argue against Size Acceptance is to say that it doesn’t “promote health”, suggesting the only way Size Acceptance could be legitimate is if it was shown to “promote health”.  This is very messed up in many ways.

I’m thinking about this today because I was quoted (along with the always fabulous Jeanette DePatie in a piece on Healthline called “Does the Body Positive Movement Promote Health” I think that parts of the piece are very good, and the writer was a joy to work with.  I was, however, disturbed by the section in which Leslie Heinberg, Ph.D, a woman who makes her living promoting the (highly profitable) mutilation of fat people through surgery, said the following:

Part of loving yourself is taking the best care of your body. That should be part of that same goal, versus ‘I…

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