New project: Spoonie Hacks

Sorry I haven’t been posting much, but I’ve been alternately working on my Access Fitness project for one of my Spring classes (hosted on this blog) as well as a new blog project I’m tentatively calling Spoonie Hacks. This new project will be more entrepreneurial (as this blog is more about talking about life as a part time wheeler/scooter/walker and everything that intersects with that).

Spoonie Hacks will be a product review blog that also features crowdfunding projects that could benefit people with chronic illnesses and disabilities. Although this blog does do product reviews, it’s only been for product in exchange for my review (in fact, I’m working on a long overdue review of Cheeky Girls Production’s Belly Dance for Healing from Illness).

Some of the products will be things featured on BackerClub (a great place for people that frequently back Kickstarter and IndiGoGo). Once this project picks up momentum, I will work with product designers, companies, and other go-getters to help get their product into the hands of people that can benefit. I will also be looking for things not necessarily designed for people with disabilities or illnesses…sometimes the most creative adaptations are the ones that were designed for any/everybody!

The name is still up in the air, so if anyone has name ideas, let me know!


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