Cyborg Dance Projekt: Milestone

Before I talk about the Projekt, I want to apologize profusely to the folks that follow this blog regularly.  I’ve been taking one more class than I’m accustomed to and it’s really been difficult.  I’ve also been dealing with some body oddity that I haven’t had the time nor the money to deal with.  There are several drafts of various posts in limbo from this semester, but nothing ever got finished sadly.  I will direct folks to a new section on my blog that’s called Access Fitness. It’s a class project looking at three different fitness facilities in my area and analyzing them for accessibility & any Universal Design elements.  At this date (4/28/15), it’s still under construction as I need to go back to my sites, take more pictures, upload them, and discuss them.  It should be neat though!

The Projekt solo was performed 4/11/15 at the Twisted Dance Collective’s Anything Goes Hafla.  The song is “Fembot” by Robyn and was improvised.  As I’d been dealing with a shoulder that had been sprained the week before on top of a persnickety spine, I took both doses of my breakthrough pain meds in order to make this happen.

Without further ado, the video:

I also danced with my troupe in the second act. As we are an ATS troupe, it’s group improv. We usually try to make sure everyone has a chance to lead in a song, but since we agreed to do two sets of duets (not dueling duets, for those of you who know ATS). Duets have been my major weak spot because of my blind right eye as most of the cues and whatnot require looking over one’s right shoulder. Since I missed the rehearsal before the show due to pain, one of the troupe co-directors said she would fill in for me, but I decided that if I just didn’t take the lead that I would be able to pull it off. Thankfully my duet partner was fine with this, although she did make sure that I had opportunities to take it if I wanted to (which I think I did once, briefly…the whole night is fuzzy because of the pain meds).

Here’s the group performing to “Crystallize” by Lindsey Stirling:

Although the Projekt on some level is complete with the solo, it will be ongoing for as long as I can dance. With more levels of my spine irritating nerves and being told that I may need another surgery in the next year or two, I don’t know how long it’s going to be. I’ve known that there was a shot clock on my dancing, specifically bellydancing, but I’m going to try to keep dancing as long as my troupemates will put up with me!