Underneath gimpy fa(t)shion

I’m one of the blessed people (ha!) to be the owner of thighs that rub without some sort of clothing barrier to prevent what some fatshionistas call “chub rub.”  There are a lot of posts around the fatosphere (aka fat poz blog land…Leslie’s post on xoJane is one of my favorites regarding on this topic) about how to handle chub rub as it can be really painful.  Even when I was in high school and significantly smaller I dealt with it (I sometimes find photos of myself from that time period where it looks like my bum is trying to eat the inseam of my shorts, which is why I rarely wear shorts unless they are bermuda length).

After the National Women’s Studies Association conference last year when I roomed with two other awesome fat studies scholars (one of them the fabulous Amanda of FatBodyPolitics), I was told of the magic of Re/Dress and their teggings….a type of hybrid between leggings and footless tights made out of dancewear fabric.  I was dubious, partially because of price, but I got on their email list and found out about a sale they were having last winter (it was either black Friday or post-holiday).  I snagged a pair of kelly green teggings, figuring that the worst that would happen is that they would get worn in dance classes under my 25 yard skirt and would help make my legs visible in class or rehearsal.

A selfie in the work bathroom mirror as usual. The green, black, & white zebra dress is from Kiyonnna via Gwynnie Bee with visible black capri teggings & ballet flats.
A selfie in the work bathroom mirror as usual. The green, black, & white zebra dress is from Kiyonnna via Gwynnie Bee with visible black capri teggings & flip flops.

I fell in love with them!  So far they have been chub rub resistant, even when dancing (which is miraculous since my thighs touch from crotch to knee).  I ordered more this summer in a capri length that have become part of my usual skirt/dress wardrobe.  They’re usually visible in the OotD posts that I occasionally make here.  My only complaint is that since I look so young no matter how I dress (yay pituitary dwarfism!), having visible leggings under my skirt seems to relate to people treating me less seriously….which can be a problem when teaching first year university students!

Leslie’s post on xoJane got me thinking about some of the other clothing-based chub rub repellants.  Because of that post, I got on the email list for a kind of stretchy, silky boxer short things called Undersummers.  The ones that Leslie reviewed have lace on them that is there to be cute in case the hem of your skirt slips up your leg showing off your skivvies.  I got an email a couple weeks ago saying that they had a bargain bin sale, making them about 60% off but without any choice of color or lace option.  The first pair I got were a medium purple without lace and I was dubious looking at the cut of them….really dubious….

A picture of a pair of lace Undersummers peaking out from under a black skirt with a red cardigan visible. Photo is a body selfie with a pale fat leg visible
The Undersummers peeking from under my black skirt

Until I put them on.  Holy cats are these things comfortable!  I wouldn’t take them off that night and ended up sleeping in them instead of pajama bottoms.  I immediately got them in the wash so I could give them a real field test on a full day on campus.  These things didn’t slide up at all, even though they hit above my knee!  They didn’t move around, whether walking/limping/shuffling, or getting on or off my scooter, or up and down at my office…..these things went immediately back in the wash again to wear.  When I got paid at the end of that month, I snagged another bargain bin pair, which ended up being mauve with lace (the photo on the left shows the lace sticking out under my skirt at work). They also have a 24/7 style that I would love to try out to see how they differ.  As for the V-cut waist, I love it as a pear shaped person as it fits my hips and lower belly roll perfectly and keeps them in place without tight elastic.

I’ve also field tested them with jeans, using my manual wheelchair, under leggings (it was cold) and I’m completely in love.  The fact that there isn’t a seam right where the thighs meet the glutes means I don’t get indents or sores when I use my wheelchair…plus I don’t have to worry about my skirt flipping up from the wind when seated!  I also find them way easier to put on when I’m having a bad pain or balance day as it’s easier to aim my legs at shorts (plus the fabric is soft and silky…it makes rolling over in bed easier too!)

While the lace is much more femme than I normally would wear, I’m really thrilled with both styles and am slowly converting to all-shorts-all-the-time (unless I have reason to wear traditional underwear) as I can afford to get more.  They’re made in the US by a small business, so it’s even more awesome.  The owner frequently has coupon codes that can be easily found on the webpage (the December one is HOHOHO15)

For the record, I have not been paid for either of these recommendations nor have I been given review samples…although if anyone would like me to do reviews, I’m always up for it.  Right now I’m specifically hunting for activewear (yoga, general cardio, spinning, strength training) and sports bras since the scooter has successfully helped me up my physical activity level and my cheapo Target sports bras are slowly dying without viable replacements.


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2 thoughts on “Underneath gimpy fa(t)shion”

  1. Thanks so much for the nitty-gritty, lumpy-seam details about these underwear alternatives. I do have a Roho cushion on my powerchair, but I can’t just go without.

    1. You’re welcome! There are some clothing blogs for wheelchair users, but I don’t think I’ve ever seen anyone address underthings! I’m going to post something soon about my crutch & manual chair-friendly bra hunt 🙂

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