Access and Technology

My orange tabby Bela watching ST:TNG on my ancient iPad
My orange tabby Bela watching ST:TNG on my ancient iPad

I’m working on a piece for Conditionally Accepted about how university classrooms aren’t designed with the thought that the professor might be disabled.  For an example of something I’ve written here, my post about TAing this past summer has a photo of the standard technology podium that is too high for me to use even when standing because of my dwarfism (I’m even a tall dwarf at 4’11” thanks to medical technology)…forget even trying to sit at one of those and use it.  Because of things like this, I’ve been much more aware of all the pervasive technologies in Western/US-centric society that are inaccessible to various groups of people (which is utterly ridiculous honestly….Universal Design is awesome, and thanks to my friend Pattie Thomas for the guest post about it).

I’m mentioning this because there’s a really awesome Kickstarter that I found recently.  It’s entitled Online Training: Make Apps and Sites Accessible to All by Knowbility.  They’re putting together a training to help programmers, developers, and other computer program related folks know and understand how to make their software accessible.  Here’s their Kickstarter video with captions (because, funnily enough, Kickstarter’s video function doesn’t have a captioning component…that needs to change):

Money’s a little tight here as usual as I scraped together money for a conference registration fee, but even $1 helps them get rolling and it shows that people recognize the importance of accessible technology.  Heck, the recent Reading Rainbow Kickstarter was funded by a lot of people donating $1 & $5…every little bit helps.  Even just passing it along will help make it more visible!


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