Thank you to everyone that supported my scooter fundraiser, whether that was financially, socially (sharing), or emotionally.  As I’m from a good ol’ American “pull yourself up by your bootstraps” family, it was really hard to even start the thing.  Add to that the frustrating level of ableism and sizeism, both internal and external, and it made me a ball of nerves for a long time.  I’ll start with the TL;DR….it’s on its way, even though we didn’t hit the goal!

Thanks to some awesome networking like Atchka from Fierce Fatties (where I guest blog about once a month), I was able to raise a significant amount of money…but we still weren’t able to get to the amount I needed to get the right scooter from my needs without doing a media push (which I thought about, but with the combination of old health crap, new health crap, a new semester that includes teaching by myself for the first time, there was just no way that I was going to have the spoons to make that happen properly.

The next big thanks to Marilyn Wann (the author of the gateway-to-fat-acceptance book Fat!So?), who knew about my fundraiser to get a scooter to have a better quality of life and to move through the world on my terms.  She heard of someone selling their couple year old TravelScoot so they could upgrade to the deluxe model.  The price point was under what I raised which will let me buy the specific attachments I need that aren’t coming with (like the baskets, the travel case, et al).  While part of me is a bit nervous about buying this used, I’ve asked the right questions and am pleased that the scooter is on its way from California.  If all goes well, it will be here in time for the second week of the semester and will finally allow me to get around campus like a proper doctoral student.

I’m leaving the GoFundMe up if people still want to contribute.  Mechanical things sometimes need repairs, and while I imagine that I’ll learn how to do some of the repairs myself (like with my manual wheelchair *glares at Delta Airlines’ baggage people*).  I’m also leaving it up because my next medical expense is getting a supportive seat back on my manual chair (as it is my preference to use my own strength to get around whenever possible, like academic conferences or shopping at the grocery store).  Anything helps as my health insurance as a doctoral student is barely helpful *glares at all the medical bills that I’m trying to make payment arrangements on*

Thank you all again!

❤ Casey


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