Geek on Wheels: CONvergence part 3

As usual, life got in the way of blogging (partially getting my incomplete coursework closer to done and prepping for my first solo teaching gig). I’m going to post pictures from the last leg of the trip in Duluth, MN (where I got my bachelor’s degree) and do a little commenting on them….then I’ll hopefully be able to do the next Geek on Wheels post on Gen Con!

Lake Superior on a sunny day. A few puffy clouds, a boat in the blue-grey water
Lake Superior on a sunny day

2014-07-07 14.25.49 HDR 2014-07-07 14.31.13 HDR

The lighthouse at Canal Park on the left, the aerial lift bridge on the right.  Canal Park itself is mostly accessible with lovely flat places to roll and gaze at the lake.  The lighthouse didn’t have a ramp (that many stairs was not happening with my pain level that day), but I still got a good view of the bridge.


2014-07-07 15.43.30

Class of 2006 signature wall at my alma mater.  It started as a tradition in 2004, the year I (re)started my bachelor’s degree journey.  I don’t think 2006 me would believe that I was living in North Carolina, married with two cats, with the master’s degree I have or the PhD journey I’m on (I was trying to get into health psychology with a focus on psychoneuroendocrinology…a fancy way of saying how hormones impact the brain & behavior).



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