OOTD: colorful leopard dress with crutch & wheels

Gwynnie Bee dress shown both standing with crutch and using wheelchair
Gwynnie Bee dress shown both standing with crutch and using wheelchair
Same dress, using wheels
Same dress from Gwynnie Bee, using wheels

I apologize if the formatting on this post is funky…Wordpress and I had a disagreement about putting two photos next to each other, and I didn’t have the spoons to combine them into one image.  I even tried to mess with the HTML!

Before the blog moved from Blogspot to WordPress, I had a follower ask me to post more OOTD (outfit of the day) posts with my wheelchair.  Well, I finally had the opportunity to do so (partially because I rejoined Gwynnie Bee), and even got a picture with my crutch to show how the same dress looks both wheeling & standing.

The pic with my crutch is a work bathroom selfie (sorry it’s not cropped…I was trying to blast out a happier followup post to yesterday’s melancholy one), the second is a photo my partner took at the grocery store.  The dress is a multicolored animal print faux wrap dress from Flor (through the Gwynnie Bee plus size clothing service).  I had summer teggings from Re/Dress underneath in eggplant.  The fabric was pretty clingy and a bit heavy, but it was overall a comfy dress with a funky pattern (that wasn’t too wild for my office).  I don’t like how it looks in the wheeling photo, but at least it wasn’t getting caught or rubbing against the tires.

Although money is tight over the summer, I’m glad I restarted my subscription (they gave me a half price discount for two months if I rejoined, which helped).  I’m in pretty desperate need of work clothes as I keep staining my shirts, and Gwynnie Bee lets me try all sorts of things out that I wouldn’t normally (especially because I like to dress up in comfy femme when I’m in a lot of pain)….and they dry clean the clothes when they get returned, so I have one less piece of potentially temperamental clothing to try to keep clean or unwrinkled.


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