Adventures in hair dying

Adventures in hair dying

When my pain level gets high (like it almost always does at the end of the semester, no matter what I do or don’t do), I itch to change my appearance. This time it involved bleaching my bangs and dying the rest a medium red (a la Rogue from Marvel’s X-Men). Sometimes I end up blowing more spoons on these adventures in femme-hood, but I try to compensate with awesome smelling body wash or soap (like the awesome sample of Herbal Essence’s new body wash that I got from Crowdtap).

So, here’s a selfie of stage 1 of the process immediately post-shower!

Photo description: a selfie with a slightly top-down angle showing a pink-cheeked white woman with wet hair. The long blonde bangs fall forward, with the rest of the hair on the right side pulled back to show a shaved undercut.


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