The Wall

I’m posting this because I hit the wall last night, but can’t manage to put into words what that feels like. Thankfully, this post does it better than I could right now!

Then Everything Changed

To people who suffer chronic pain “The Wall” is just as real as the Great Wall of China and sometimes just as daunting.  Those who suffer chronic pain work very hard to live a normal life, they are experts at setting aside their pain, ignoring it, or distracting themselves, in order to get on with their daily lives.  The problem with that is sometimes we are just too good at what we do and out of nowhere the pain that you were ignoring at about a four suddenly becomes an eight.  What happened?  You hit a wall.  We call it that because that is exactly what it feels like, one minute you have everything under control and the next you have surpassed the amount of pain you can handle and unwittingly wandered right into a pain storm.  At that point everything stops, you are at a pain level that you…

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