A new online space for sick and disabled scholars (and students)

Based on a lot of conversations with other disabled and chronically ill scholars and students, I realized that there really needs to be a space of our own where we can vent about access issues, microaggressions (and overt ableism), crowdsource accommodations, and anything else that people need/want to discuss.

NWSA 2014 selfie while sitting next to my wheelchair

It is currently a closed group, but people are welcome to join.  As of right now, it’s called Sick and Disabled Scholars (I’m hoping someone comes up with a snazzy name, but the only idea I have is taken up by the blog PhDisabled). It’s open to professors, students, independent scholars, and any other way a person might self-define to fit under that umbrella.  Same goes for definitions of sick or disabled….chronically ill, handicapped, spoonie, gimpy (I’m not the self-definition police…I tend towards the shocking and un-PC).  It will also be advertised on the blog Conditionally Accepted (if you haven’t checked it out, it’s pretty awesome).

Back to the school grind…


2 thoughts on “A new online space for sick and disabled scholars (and students)”

  1. It’s a great idea.. seriously more power to you 🙂 But recently we came across something on the web that said… let’s change the word disabled and call it “differently abled” It’s just so much more positive and empowering right? What to do you think..

    Love, Wink n Pout
    Blog , App

    1. Sorry I didn’t respond to this comment in a more timely manner. While I understand the meaning and intent behind “differently abled” (because every human being is able in different ways from other people, even between people considered “abled”), there are tons of reasons why I used disabled and this post from Autistic Hoya really hits those reasons more concisely than I’ve been able to 🙂

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