Chronic Illness and the Question of “Access”: A Primer/Manifesto in One Post (RIDES AGAIN)

As someone with chronic illnesses & disabilities, this was a really helpful post on how to deal with gatekeepers. I only wish I had the spoons to do this as effectively as she does it!

It's complicated.

NOTE: This post was originally published on January 14th, 2014 at 23:09 CST. It was subsequently removed from my blog in order to make some minor edits and clean up the text. This version has been slightly revised.


This post is a sketch of ideas that have been coming together in my head lately. I suspect I’ll probably revise it (even more), expand upon it, and link it to other, forthcoming posts.

You see, I composed this in the wake of conducting more than 12 hours of phone calls—over the course of 4 business days—necessary to get just 1 medication filled. In the coming weeks this scenario will repeat itself (since I take more than half a dozen different medications) but for now the biggest battle has been won. [1]

The reason why payors do not like to pay for the medication I just wrangled and sweated to get…

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